These days, Content is that piece of art which can make or break your marketing game. Creating mind-gripping content is an art because it requires creativity to express or persuade the reader without even having a face to face interaction. This calls for your undivided attention and dedication toward whichever component of Content you are going to put into use. 

One such component is Marketing Copy. Marketing copies are short but effective writings that can stir a prospective buyer’s opinion or emotions to stimulate purchase or make them act favourably towards an idea. Such copies usually contain a product or brand description to educate the customers and increase brand awareness. 

Marketing copy has become one of the many indispensable components of every business or e-commerce site. Owing to digitisation, sellers often cannot communicate with prospective buyers, and that’s when a well written Marketing Copy moves in to bridge the communication gap between them. 

Now, if you are someone who doubts the efficacy of their marketing copies or is looking for ways to enhance their quality, then sit back and take a chill pill because I have got everything covered in this article. 

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Like any piece of content, writing marketing copies can be a hard nut to crack. But don’t worry! I have got some tips and tricks to help you write a great marketing copy for your customers. 


Your objectives define the way you write. Are you introducing a product? Is there a new brand you will launch? Or do you want them to sign up for something new? Ask these questions to yourself before you begin writing.

It is very often that writers deviate from their main idea to something that might not be fruitful to their cause. Being crystal clear about what your content should focus on helps in writing brief but effective marketing copies that don’t consume much of the reader’s time.



Choosing the right kind of audience is crucial to the success of your marketing copy. Your audience could be young people, teenagers, or older adults. And yes, don’t forget to take into account their professional background. 

There’s a hell and heaven difference between the impression your marketing copy forms in the eyes of a youngster and an elderly person. When you keep your audience in mind while writing, you will easily be able to keep an eye on the words or tone you use. For example, youngsters prefer a candid tone and enthusiastic words, whereas it is preferable to use a formal tone when addressing elderly people. 



Have you ever been captivated by a single line or word that hooked you up to a long article or a book? Well, that has happened like a gazillion times with me. 

The key to making your marketing copy more welcoming is by keeping it brief yet powerful enough to incite curiosity. 

Imagine you are a buyer. Will you feel motivated to read a really long Ad copy on an extremely busy day? There’s your answer. Long paragraphs and complicated words will only scare your audience off instead of attracting them. Hence, go with something brisk and light. 



What if you were looking for a sofa and I approached you with a TV? Sounds quite antagonising, right? Well, that’s something you must beware of. Always focus on the needs of your customers before approaching them with a marketing copy. 

It’s better to research your prospects before writing a marketing copy. This will ensure that you are not selling something futile to them.

Also, your marketing copy should specify how your product is going to provide value to your customer. In that case, the ‘feature to benefit’ copywriting formula might be helpful. Now, if you need help with that, then Writecream could be extremely helpful. Its Feature To Benefit tool can help you in applying the copywriting formula to make your content more effective. Want to know how it works? Click on this link to try this tool.



People-pleasing is another infamous aspect of being a salesperson. Most of us hate being sold something, which is why it is better to be genuine. The best way to communicate is by striking a conversation about some common problem or field of interest and then gradually introducing the product or idea, for that matter. 



Copywriting formulas can be a great way to spice up your marketing copy. If you feel confused about the outline of your marketing copy or cannot think of a great idea, then the best alternative is to use ‘Pain-Agitate-Solution’. 

In a nutshell, you need to hit a pain point to agitate your reader. When you highlight the pain point and then subtly present a solution, it encourages your reader to take immediate action. 

Again, if you are stuck or cannot think of a way to write using this formula, then you can use the PAIN-AGITATE-TOOL of Writecream. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.



That’s the key to success. Don’t sound too eager to sell, but don’t wait for too long. Establishing a connection at a more human level is indeed necessary but waiting too long is also detrimental as most of us have a very short attention span. Readers often lose interest after reading a few lines, which is why it’s necessary to grab the opportunity without waiting. This is especially important if you are using the PAS(pain-agitate-solution) copywriting formula. 

That was all about the tips. Remember, these tips will only be helpful if you are willing to give all your might and main to achieve the best results. A small pinch of creativity combined with these ideas can reap the best results for your upcoming marketing copies. 


Do try them out and let us know about the results in the comment section below!


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