Content can attract people more than anything. But content creation comes with so much work. Coming up with unique descriptions always is very labor-intensive and time taking. But have you ever wondered how convenient it would be to get it done in a couple of minutes.! Yes, it’s possible. Give instructions on what you want and get the desired content. How? With the help of Content generators using Artificial Intelligence.

Natural Language Processing would make content creation easier for you. You must provide the generator with all the information, type of content, tone, etc. And the generator will provide you with the most appropriate content. There are various software available, allows you to use their excellent AI algorithms to make best content idea. Some of these platforms are Jasper, Copysmith etc. Today we have brought one of the AI software for writing the copy, Anyword and Closerscopy to you.

Why AI Content Generator?

The benefits of AI generators are as follows:

  • You can focus on other tasks. While you assign an AI content generator the content to be created, you can efficiently utilize that time for completing other tasks. Ai copywriting brings better SEO on the table.
  • It is very cost-efficient. Writing content manually takes a lot of manual power, which increases cost. Using AI generators, you can easily keep your pockets comparatively full.!
  • Using content generators brings scalability. As machines make productions scalable, the Best AI generators would make inventing content scalable by automating the process.
  • Using copywriting software will provide content for several use cases. From marketing copy, Ad copy, Google ads, and long-form content to email subject lines.
  • Also, stepping into these copywriting platforms, the best AI-generated copy of various content is required. With ChatGPT and GPT-3 entering the market, using this would prove to be a successful marketing campaign for content marketing.


Anyword : AI writing tool

Anyword will get more conversions and drives more sales with an AI writer. Anyword is an AI copywriter tool that offers a predictive performance score. The data analysis it provides aids the user with a better comprehension of how the content would affect the audience. It gives points on how engaging the content would be for the readers. It also helps understand different demographics and their reactions to the content generated. One can quickly analyze how users of varying age groups, genders, etc., would react to the content. These numbers and graphs would help the generator make more suitable content.

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

They generate high-quality content for all formats, which includes:

  • It creates Ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, attracting the target audience.
  • By accurate and catchy product descriptions on landing and product pages, it aims to convert the audience into customers.
  • Generates well-written, engaging, and organized blogs by incorporating keywords and picking the perfect length.
  • It also allows you to improve communications by generating Emails and SMS.

Anyword comes with some advanced features:

  • Custom Mode: Train the AI writing assistant to write copy and content in your brand voice, similar to your competitors, or identical to your top-performing live ads.
  • Website Targeted Messages: Automatically optimize on-site copy to display the right message to the right audience at the right time.
  • Create sections of existing text to determine the most effective wording.
  • Predictive Performance Score helps to analyze the content in different demographics and target audiences. And present the user with the predicted score to make the content better.
  • Preset Keyword Library is instrumental in getting new words and aids new arrivals, products, and deals with suitable advertisements.
  • Several variations of words and content can be generated to attract and convert customers.


Pros of Anyword

  • One thing that makes Anyword stand out is the way it generates content. It is not simply a paraphrasing tool. It creates content based on one seed keyword.
  • It is a cloud based software. Thus you do not need to install any software on your computer. You can work from anywhere, anytime.
  • All the unique features, like creating predictive performance score, Keyword library, custom mode, etc., are why one should consider Anyword.

Cons of Anyword

  • Anyword, at present, does not offer any word press plug-in, so copy-paste is required.
  • The pay increases for better features and is thus considered slightly money intensive.


ClosersCopy is a powerful artificial intelligence tool which can be used to write compelling content. This tool helps you to overcome your writer’s block and helps in creating good-quality content. You can even write long-form content with this AI or use any framework of your choice to write. ClosersCopy uses SalesAI to create content for sales pages, email outreach campaigns and sales campaigns, writing blog articles, and you can also use StoryAI to write compelling stories. This writing tool is extremely beneficial for boosting your sales.  Closerscopy helps in converting the audience and increasing traffic on the platform. This platform was created by an expert copywriter and was aimed at aiding businesses by creating content.

Some features of the AI platform are:

  • Compete feature is a recent addition. This feature lets you compare rankings and usage of any keyword and research it. You can also copy-paste a competitor’s URL into the search box, and it will extract all the data from it, such as headings, content, and other essential things.
  • Compose feature is where you can give a keyword and select any language, and on clicking the search button, it will find the headings, sections, and content.
  • Copy wizard is a section where we can find different templates that can be used to create articles.
  • The drag-and-drop feature is easy to use the feature. You can drag and drop any element on the content you are generating. You can mix headlines and create better-quality copy. One needs to make some changes in the settings, configure it accordingly, and ask AI to create more and better documents.
  • Longform: To write the long form copy, you need to provide some optional content brief, select creativity level on a scale of 1 to 100, and add the number of words required.

Pros of Closerscopy

  • You can create your framework. That will help in creating better-customized content.
  • Unlimited content can be made, and unlimited SEOs can also be run.
  • It offers three different algorithms based on artificial intelligence to create content.
  • Closerscopy supports 127 languages.!

Cons of Closerscopy

  • Unfortunately, Closerscopy does not provide any free trials.
  • Content creation can be comparatively slow while using Closescopy.
  • Grammar and plagiarism tools are lacking.
  • Various bugs are found in terms of AI content.

Comparison Review


Various review platforms provide rating and reviews of AI copywriting tool. Some of them are below: 


  • As per Trustpilot, Anyword has bagged an outstanding 4.8 stars rating. 


  • As per G2, Anyword has again grabbed the audience with a 4.8 stars rating.

  • And Capterra also has crowned Anyword with a 4.8 stars rating.


  • As per Trustpilot, Closercopy is rated 2.7 stars. 

  • As per G2, Closercopy has grabbed the audience with a 4.2 stars rating.


There are different pricing plans available for all the kind of content. Starter plan for beginners, Enterprise plans and Pro plans for more AI-powered work. The pricing plan for both the writing software is as follows:

  • Anyword Pricing: Pricing can be done in two ways, monthly and annually. For annual services, a starter pack at a monthly cost of 20,000 words is $24. Interestingly free services are given for 2 months. It provides 100+ AI writing tools, 200+ Data-driven best AI copywriting, and 30 languages. The data-driven pack will cost $83 per month.

  • ClosersCopy Pricing: Looking at monthly billings, we have 3 offers. The power plan is $49.99/mo, and the yearly pricing is $419.90/year. Superpower Plan: The monthly pricing of the superpower plan is $79.99/mo, and the annual pricing is $671.90/year. Superpower Squad Plan: The monthly pricing of the superpower squad plan is $99.99/mo, and the yearly pricing is $839.90/year.

User Interface


The user interface is easy to use. All the information is presented in small sentences and in a very compact manner that helps in better comprehension of the user about the platform and its usage.


The user interface is straightforward. It is similar to google docs which makes it familiar to users. But the ClosersCopy platform has a lot of wordy information on the landing page, which gets very inconvenient. Users would prefer small quick information pages that would save time and give a better understanding. 

Conclusion: Anyword vs Closerscopy

We need to keep pace in this fast-moving world and faster-moving content generation. The content generators would prove to be a great friend in this process. AI can help you make great website content this 2023. Moving on to Anyword and Closerscopy comparison, Anyword and Closerscopy platforms are outstanding options to consider for content generation. Anyword focuses on creating content based on data analysis and providing accurate demographics. In comparison, Closerscopy offers a range that would convert the audience to customers. Both of theses Ai writing software provides high-quality AI copywriting. But looking at the ratings and reviews, Anyword has the edge over Closerscopy in multiple scenarios.

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