15 LinkedIn Outreach Templates 

First and foremost, we must discuss how to communicate the message on LinkedIn. You have several alternatives, including going to LinkedIn’s messaging page, including a cold message with your connection request, sending it from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, or using the messaging shortcut from any page. 

You may access the message page at any time by clicking on the “messaging” symbol in the LinkedIn banner at the top of the screen. 

This page displays all of your sent and received messages in a bigger format than the shortcut version. If you intend to devote a significant amount of time to messaging, I recommend using this screen because it’s easier to handle. 

If you want to message someone, in particular, go to their profile and click the message icon. Remember that if you’ve already linked with this person, you can simply search their name from your shortcut in the bottom right corner of the screen or the message center. 

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So, we wanted to bring to you the best LinkedIn cold message templates!

How to send cold messages to unknown people on LinkedIn?

I’ve got both positive and terrible news for you. The bad news is that you cannot message anyone on LinkedIn. Because the platform prefers not to receive spamming communications, they only promote communicating between first connections, i.e., individuals you know. 

However, if you have LinkedIn premium, you get InMail credits, which allow you to send messages to anybody. However, these are limited, so be careful to check your premium page to see how many credits have been assigned to your account. 

Your chosen plan will determine this: career, business, sales, or hiring.  

Here’s where the good news comes in. You can still chat on LinkedIn if you don’t have a premium account, but you’ll have fewer characters to do so. In this situation, you can either use connection requests to transmit messages or just submit the request and await the prospect’s acceptance. 

For your LinkedIn outreach, you can choose to send a message along with an invitation, it will look like this: To access this page, click the “connect” button, and LinkedIn will urge you to leave a message with your invitation. For sending cold messages to unknown people on LinkedIn, consider using Linked Helper to streamline your outreach efforts by automating connection requests and follow-ups, helping you expand your network and engage with potential contacts more efficiently.

And here’s what an InMail looks like: 

LinkedIn inmail and ordinary messages have a character limit of 2000 in the body of the text, whereas connection request messages have a character limit of 300. You must upgrade to LinkedIn premium if you wish to send more messages or utilize InMails. To do so, click the “Me” symbol at the top right of the banner and navigate to the account area to begin your purchase. 

A Guide For Creating LinkedIn Outreach Message Template 

A Guide For Creating Message

Whatever form of communication you’re delivering, you should base your template on the personalization techniques you’re employing. For example, we can apply custom tags to change them into templates if we utilize the examples above. Take a look: 

  • “Congratulations on raising funds at {{Company Name}}!” or, “I notice that {{Company Name}} is recruiting; good luck with the process!” 
  • “Hello, {{first Name}}! I noticed that {{Company Name}} recently raised {{funding Amount}}, congrats! You must be enthusiastic as the {{job Position}}. {{icebreaker}}.” 

Don’t worry; adding them to your LinkedIn automation tool is simple; simply save this information in a CSV, and you’re good to go. A few of you might be rolling your eyes right now as you read this, thinking of all the spammy messages that are now sitting in your LinkedIn inbox. 

This is not the purpose of a LinkedIn automation tool. As a user, it is your responsibility to utilize the tools responsibly and adhere to LinkedIn’s communications restrictions to follow proper LinkedIn outreach protocols. I can promise you that blasting the same mass message to all contacts is not the way to go. Don’t worry if you’re still not getting the complete picture; we’ll show you more instances of ready-to-use cold message templates in the following part. 

Templates For You To Master Sending Cold Messages on LinkedIn

Templates For You To Master

This section will provide LinkedIn Message Templates Suggestions that will almost certainly enhance your acceptance rate. As a result, many LinkedIn users get a large number of spam messages regularly.  

Why should people think you’re unique if you’re employing the same cold outreach techniques? 

In other words, sending a standard Connection Request message can significantly reduce your request approval rate. People are more likely to overlook your early communications if they only talk about themselves or are sales-driven. 

On the other hand, making your communications sound professional, friendly, and genuine in your want to learn more about those with whom you will make a tremendous impact in a good way. As a result, to avoid rejection of your connection requests, we’ll go over several LinkedIn message templates that you may use in your sales approach after reading this. 

11 Best LinkedIn Message Examples

1. Show People That You Have Something in Common 

With this template, we’ll show you how having a customized message showing your interest in what individuals do and your desire to provide value to their lives is a fantastic way to be noticed. 

In other words, demonstrating your concern may create a favorable impression and persuade them to approve your request. To exemplify this, below is a simple yet powerful LinkedIn message example:

Hello, {{FirstName}}, 

I happened to come across your profile and was immediately drawn to your background in {{Position}} in the {{Industry}}. I would love to connect with you! 

I provide a lot of stuff regarding {{His Profession}} that you might find beneficial. 

I’m excited to learn more about you. 

{{Your Name}} 

We appreciate this template because its concise form quickly demonstrates that we dug into the person’s profile and discovered something in common with them. Furthermore, this template instantly promises the person some beneficial stuff if they choose to connect with us. 

This template can assist the prospect to perceive you as a valuable connection worth following if you’re requesting someone who shares your values and interests. 

2. The Group Connection 

If you don’t have a mutual connection, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a strong relationship. Any similarity will suffice, even membership in the same LinkedIn group.  

Hey [name], 

I’m [your name], and I work at [your firm]. We’re both members of [LinkedIn Group], and I saw you made some smart remarks regarding [something they discussed in the group].  

That [anything you learned from their response] piqued my attention. 

If you’re interested, I’d be happy to discuss it more.  

I also believe I may be able to assist you with business matters. Is there any interest in scheduling a 15-minute conversation later this week?  


[Your name] 

3. Top of the Search Results Connection Request 

Here is a sample template:

Hello, {{First Name}}! ,  

Your profile ranked first in the search results for professionals in the {{Insert Industry Name}}. 

I’d love to connect with you and learn more about what you do at {{Company Name}}. Because we work in the same industry, we might be able to share ideas. 

Optional: You can also describe your function in the Industry; this is especially important if you work in the same Position. 


{{Your Name}} 

4. Template for Writing To the Hiring Manager 

Hello {{First_ Name}}, 

I happened to come across your profile while I was searching for recruiters in {{Industry Name}} on LinkedIn in {{Name of Place}}. I am a {{Insert Job Title}}, and {{also include any pertinent information about your experience}}. My major abilities include {{add skills}}.  

Does it describe the kind of roles you often recruit for? 

I’d love to work for {{add company name}} since their vision and purpose are similar to mine. Do let me know your thoughts on the matter; I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Best wishes,  

{{Your Name}} 

5. The Simple Message Template

Hello, {First Name}, 

I hope you are doing well during these difficult times. 

I came across your profile via (common friend, group or school, or post/comment). I’d want to learn more about your profession, and given your history, I believe you’re the best person to learn from. 

Do let me know if this is of any interest to you. 



{Your Name} 

6. Template for The Opinion Leader 

Example #1

Hello there, {{First Name}}, 

I’ve been admiring your work for quite some time. I am quite pleased with your achievements and enjoy reading your thoughts (or whatever they share). 

I’m continuously looking for new industry leaders to add to my network. Your knowledge and skills in {{insert industry name}} are outstanding. 

I particularly liked {{insert name of post/blog title – express why you liked it}}. I’d love to connect with you to stay up with more of your work. 

Have a wonderful day, 

{{Your Name}} 

7.Template for The Networker

Hello, {{First Name}}, 

I found your profile via {{Add where you viewed their profile: mutual connection, search page, suggestion page, group, etc.}}. 

Considering that we both work in the same field, we might share useful ideas and learn from one another. 

I’m glad to get in contact with you! 

Best wishes,  

{{Your Name}} 

8. Template for The Influencer 

Hello, {First Name}, 

I saw you liked/commented on my most recent post/blog regarding {Post Title}. 

I enjoy interacting with my audience members and feel that knowledge should be shared. 

I’ve posted similar things in the past that you might be interested in. 

Sharing the following links: 

{Add Links} 

Feel free to share your thoughts on my work, as I am always interested in discussing such things. 

Have a wonderful day, 

{Your Name} 

9. The Event Template 

Hello, {First Name}, 

I saw that we had a few connections and decided to connect. I’m organising an event at {Location} on {Date}. 

{Include event information.} 

I believe that this might interest you. Perhaps you and your team might be interested in attending. { Include information about freebies, promotions, guest speakers, or attendance certificates}. 

Do let me know if you have any more queries. 

Best wishes,  

{Your Name} 

10. Template in which you ditch the pretense and go short and sweet 

For cold outreach, shorter is frequently better: the less you say, the higher your response chances. The successful approach is to conceive your opening speech as more about building a connection than making a sale. And it is this relationship that will eventually lead to a sale. Here is a sample:

Hello, [name]. 

I hope you’re doing well! I came across your profile from [common connection / mutual group / mutual school] and was hoping to contact you. 

Nothing urgent — I’m willing to communicate by email or phone. 

[Your name] 

11. In which a little flattery gets you everywhere 

Be courteous! It doesn’t harm and is almost always appreciated. When you express your gratitude for someone’s work – or the comments/posts they make – they are more likely to reply positively. 

Here’s the sample template:

Hello [name], 

I just wanted to express my appreciation. 

I’ve been following postings on LinkedIn on [something they’ve written about], and what you said about [something they recently blogged about] struck a chord with me. 

I’ve got some intriguing instances of this from my job in the [lead’s Industry] field that I’d like to share with you. 

I’d be happy to discuss it with you if you’re open to it and have time for a 10-minute conversation. Is there a decent time later this week for a brief phone call? 


[Your name] 

A Template That Has Always Furnished Back-links

We’ll show you how providing more valuable content than your competitors are always a good method to get powerful back-links with this LinkedIn cold message template. That is, once you have identified a relevant topic for building backlinks, you must create valuable posts to obtain it. After then, it’s up to you to get as many people to notice your post as possible. 

As an example, consider the following: 

Hey {{FirstName}}, 

My name is {{Your Name}}, and I just came across your resource page for {{target audience}}: 

{{insert a link to their resource page}} 

I operate with {{Company Name}}, and {{here is a quick summary of what the firm performs and what it may freely offer}}: 

{{Insert a link to a target page related to their resource page.}} 

It might be a useful addition to your page and bring a lot of value to your readers. 

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. 

Thank you, {{FirstName}}.


{{Your Name}} 

What’s amazing about this template is that it’s an evergreen method. There is no reason for them to reject your material if you develop good content relevant to the specified domain. This template resulted in a slew of fresh back-links for a variety of businesses. 

We recommend utilizing it to create content for other websites with domain authority similar to yours. It will only help in improving your chances of being accepted. 

Sales-Oriented LinkedIn Templates 


Sales-Oriented LinkedIn Templates 

Another LinkedIn Outreach Method is using it for sales. so, if you wanted to reach your sales goals but failed, here are a few examples for next time:

1. Direct Sales Pitch

Hello {Name},  

I am writing out to you regarding our {Insert name of product or service}. 

Considering your background and expertise, I believe our {Services or Products} would be advantageous for your company.  

{Insert few advantages of product or service OR mention USP} 

You can visit our website to find out more: 

{Insert website URL} 

If this interests you, let me know so we can set up a quick call.  

I am looking forward to hearing from you!  

Have a great day! 

{Your Name} 

Use this template for your first-degree connections (people you are directly connected with because you have accepted their invite). Choose those that suit your target client/customer profiles. It would also be advantageous to establish a friendship with your target audience before making a straight sales push so they would love to discuss your product with you.

2. The Indirect Sales Pitch 

Hello there, {{First Name}}. 

I heard your company is preparing to grow (or enter unique data about the company that would serve as a sales opportunity) to Asia. 

Congratulations to you and your team! 

I’d like to hear more about what influenced your decision and what measures you plan to take next. 

{Insert a brief introduction to your organization and how you can assist them}. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

I wish you the best of luck with your new journey. 

{Your Name} 

Before sending such a cold LinkedIn message, make sure you’re contacting the proper people. Filter your search so that you are positive the message’s recipient is right. 

3. The Hyper-Personalized Sales Pitch 

Hello, {First Name}, 

I’ve been monitoring your company’s progress for quite some time. I’d want to {add personalized observation and important accomplishments}. 

Your organization’s vision and mission are admirable. 

I am {Your Name}, and I work as an {insert position} at {Company Name}. 

Describe the issue you hope to remedy with a bespoke solution in as much detail as possible. 

More information about my company may be found at {Company Website} 

Have a wonderful day! I eagerly await your response. 


{Your Name} 

FAQs On LinkedIn Cold Message

Vital Rules for Outreach

Here you’ll discover solutions to the most frequently asked LinkedIn questions. You’ll also find information regarding the LinkedIn rules. These are extremely crucial to follow; otherwise, your account may be blocked. 

1. Can I start sending LinkedIn messages immediately? 

Both yes and no. Yes, you may start sending messages as soon as you establish an account and engage with individuals. However, you should not jump right in; instead, you should activate your account. 

2. How do I activate my LinkedIn account? 

Begin slowly, with ten connection requests/messages to new connections every day. I know you want to sign up for your favorite outreach tool and begin sending 50 cold outreach letters every day. But, just like an email address, your LinkedIn account must be warmed up! Otherwise it will not help you get any outreach.

3. How many LinkedIn invites am I allowed to send each day? 

It depends on your LinkedIn engagement. We recommend no more than 50 per day, and to be safe, our staff does roughly 20 each day. To warm up your account, you should gradually increase the amount of time you spend on this, which will gradually increase your response rate. The number of your present contacts, as well as the number of outstanding invites, all play a role. 

4. How to withdraw connection requests on LinkedIn? 

Navigate to the “My network” page, click “manage” at the top of the screen next to your pending invites, and then click the “send” option. You may view the number of pending invites you’ve sent and remove them from this page. When you see them pass 500, be sure to withdraw some. 

5. How many LinkedIn messages am I allowed to send each day? 

Your account’s age, warming, and type determine the number of messages you may send. We propose that you never send more than 70 messages each day to your first connections if you have a free and well-activated account. If you had a premium, it would be closer to $100 each day. Again, we urge that you be prudent and cap it at roughly $30 each day. 

6. Can I use LinkedIn automation tools? 

Absolutely! However, you must still abide by the regulations. LinkedIn does not like it when users send too many connection requests or messages, and this is a simple method to get your profile reported. You must also guarantee that the material is tailored enough for prospects to accept it; otherwise, this appears suspicious. 

7. Can I send cold messages on LinkedIn? 

You certainly may, but as previously stated, keep the amount of personalization in mind. LinkedIn will ban your profile if you consistently send messages with no response or if your communications are flagged as spam. To avoid this, keep your communications tailored to your prospects! 

8. How many searches can I do on LinkedIn? 

There are no defined restrictions because it varies depending on your activities; however, here are some recent estimates: 30 searches per month for a new account or any account that hasn’t been warmed up, roughly 300 searches per month for a completely warmed up account, and endless searches for premium or sales navigator accounts. 

9. Is it worth it to get a LinkedIn premium? 

Yes, if you’re going to be active and generate leads. My rule is that if it makes you money, you should be able to give part of it back, especially in the case of LinkedIn, where the premium fee is far lower than the advantage you receive. 

10. What does premium LinkedIn get you? 

You’ll have access to InMail, as well as the opportunity to search more profiles, discover who is viewing your profile, and check more extensive profile data. Furthermore, based on the plan you select, you will have extra powers, whether a recruiter or a salesperson. 

Final Takeaways

LinkedIn messaging requires some effort, but with this advice, you’ll be well on your way to sending cold messages that elicit responses. Remember that the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it” does not apply to communications. You must always try new things to discover out what works best.

Once you’ve found your go-to message, please send it to me through email or, of course, LinkedIn messaging! If you require more help with your LinkedIn approach, see our articles on the 2021 LinkedIn handbook and LinkedIn lead generation. 

If you need more help with LinkedIn, read our articles on LinkedIn lead generation or reach the final one in this series, LinkedIn content strategy. 


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