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What was the last time you watched a biography movie? Was the movie story good? Do you like the scripting, the roleplay and the cinematic skills? What do we mean by biography? A biography of a person picturised in a cinematic way in chronological order. Another person generally writes this biography. It contains reports of childhood, career, social and personal life, achievements, ups and downs and all major life events. It also keeps detail of the life events and all accomplishments.

Reading their biographies is the best way to know about a person. The biographies are always authentic. You can get confirmation about any big event you want to know about a person. Before writing or interviewing a popular person to write their biography, it’s good to have much research about the person.

What is a biography template?

Biography is generally about a person written by another writer or another author. Most biography is written about the popular person. People who have an inspiring story or life story are worth knowing. Biography is generally written after many years, decades or after the death of a fellow person. Authors generally write biographies either out of personal interest or because of a lack of information about the person.

A biography deals with highlighting the best parts of the subject or a part of their life which is worth remembering. For example, have you heard about the book “The wings of fire”? It is a book written about the life events of APJ Abdul Kalam. His childhood his growing years were worth remembering.

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What is the difference between biography and autobiography?

An autobiography is quite different from a biography. The same person writes an autobiography in the story, but another person writes a biography. First-person narration is always used in this kind of writing. It is a flow of many short stories collected and written in a single write-up. Autobiographies generally contain personal details of the subject’s life. Along with the personal details, it also contains opinions and facts about how to deal with life.

Types of biography

There are several biographies. Most of them are based on a certain story. Some are written with facts, figures and life events; others are based on fictional events.

Biographies give you true meaning internally and externally.

How to write a biography?

Pick a subject

The first and foremost step is to choose the right subject. You can pick a known and popular personality with an inspiring story or a relatively unknown person with a great story. You can ask yourself certain questions like:

  • What have they accomplished till now?
  • How is he a good subject?
  • Have they created an impact on someone’s social life?
  • Is the subject a well-known personality?
  • Who will be the target audience?

Get permission

It would help if you started your work with legal consent. The first thing to do when you choose a subject to write a biography about you must prefer taking consent from the subject himself or the family members. However, some historical events and their subjects may not need permission. Seeking permission from the subject can help you in many ways. The subject can help you get the right side of the story and help the author put the story into the book. 

You can get many personal stories and anecdotes from the subject itself. It will make your stories more interesting.

Do the research 

Research is always the first and foremost step to start with. The more the research is, the more you will get information about the subject. Irrespective of the part of the story, you know it’s important that you do the research nicely. Many untold stories reveal whenever we carry out honest research. Biography research comes from various resources, places like books, close people and the people with the subject stay in regular touch. The first-hand report should be based on what the subject says, their family, relatives, friends and neighbours. These people are most important for your report. They are the primary resources. The secondary resource can be a set of documents or magazines published about the subject.

Pick a format

Biography has got pros and cons in itself. A typical biography always has two parts the life events and the accomplishments the subject gained in their whole life. The author’s work is to present the major events or stories held in the subject’s life without any filter or exaggeration. 

The author must decide on a theme to write according to that and keep it in the centre. Let the other life events revolve around that. 

Create a timeline of the story

The biography is always written in chronological order, so maintain a timeline according to the sequence. The timeline should contain the subject’s life events written sequentially as the subject reveals their story one by one. One way to keep the biography interesting is to keep using flashbacks. In this way, the author can use both past events and the events that happened recently in the subject’s life.

Add your thought

The best thing about biography is that you don’t have to stick harder to the facts. As an author of the biography, you can show your emotions and present your opinion. The author can also run commentary on every life event of the subject- how it influences the present generation or the target audience. The author can recount the events and present them differently, too. This will increase the interest among the readers. 

Biography crafting free template 

Now that we have covered all the bullet points of writing a biography, you should go through every step thoroughly before starting your biography writing. We have given you steps, tips and tricks, how to write and manage to fill interest within a story, and everything possible on our side. Now we can go one step ahead. We have tried our best to make a free template of how and what are necessary things a biography should contain in a free template. You can download the template here. free biography template

Summing up 

You will have learned all the techniques for writing a good and engaging biography from the above article. A biography of a person picturized in a cinematic way in chronological order. Another person generally writes this biography. It contains reports of childhood, career, social and personal life, achievements, ups and downs, and all major life events. Learn the methods of writing a biography to the best. Learn how to engage more audience with the help of your biography.

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