Do you know what plagues the world of websites and articles? PLAGIARISM!

It has emerged as a major problem that inhibits the ranking of a website. I bet you must have heard about it or even experienced it yourself ever since you stepped into the world of Digital Marketing.

Plagiarism simply means copying someone else’s content and uploading it as your own. Content creators who resort to such unethical ways of writing often have to face unfavourable consequences. 

Some content creators find it a very convenient method of copying content when they themselves run out of ideas. However, the negative effects of plagiarism are not known to many. This article centres around the lesser-known but very harmful effects of plagiarism that every amateur marketeer must be mindful of. Keep reading! 

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Yes, search engines like Google impose penalties on sites if they contain plagiarized content. This is popularly know as copyright infringement. 

When search engines penalise your site, your site dips in the SERPs and loses potential traffic. In some cases, such sites are banned byGoogle killing all its prospects for online business. 



Before publishing plagiarised content on your website, sit back and imagine for a while what would your audience feel when they read the same piece of writing over and over. Seems extremely boring and enraging, right? Well, there’s your answer.

Brand reputation is, no doubt, a hard nut to crack. Especially with the level of competition that is prevailing currently, not having something bold or unique to offer to your visitors could result in the downfall of your website’s image. 

Some creators think that customers won’t understand when they are reading the same content repeatedly. Perhaps it can happen initially, but eventually, they will figure it out, and who knows, they might never want to visit your website again. 



The last and most awful consequence of SEO is that it impacts your SEO efforts, and this is why your site can fail to rank higher despite having great keywords. 

Writing unique and fresh content is the foundation of SEO. So, you are basically shaking up the foundation of your entire SEO campaign when you are deliberately choosing to include ideas or sentences that are from some other site. 

How to avoid Plagiarism? 

Let’s come to the point, aren’t you looking for ways to avoid plagiarism? Well, we have got that covered too!

For starters, you need to work on your language skills. 90% of people resort to plagiarism owing to their inability to put their ideas into eligible words. So the most important thing to do is to have command over your language by learning correct grammar and enhancing your vocabulary. 

Next, you would want to learn how to rephrase content into your own words. Many a time, content creators get so engaged in writing that it skips their minds to rephrase certain words, phrases and sentences. 

Another tip to keep in mind is using quotations or giving details about the sources from where you might have obtained information. For example, you can quote a few words or ideas written by a prominent person instead of doing a copy-paste. 


Lastly, there’s a convenient method of evaluating your entire blog article using a plagiarism detector tool. For this, I would recommend Writecream’s Plagiarism Checker, which uses the power and efficiency of AI to highlight all the plagiarised phrases and words present in your article. 

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There are numerous AI tools available in the market, but Writecream is known for its superior service and simple, user-friendly nature. Besides, all its paid plains are quite pocket-friendly and guess what? You not only get to access the Online Plagiarism Checker but a whole bunch of new AI-powered tools that can help you enhance every piece of content you generate. 

To know more about how to use this tool, check out this Tutorial!

That was all about why and how you can rid all your writings of plagiarised content without having to squander too much time and effort. Do follow our tips and share your response with us in the comments section below.


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