Remco van Stiphout founded this software in 2017 to deliver success and added value to clients based on years of experience in digital media. Their vision is that successful implementations are always based on combining excellent engineering skills with the ability to listen and learn from the customer.

It is named after a Dutch word meaning transition and connection. It expresses their core competence that successful client relationships are based on connecting all projects and creating clear feedback. They are always honest with themselves and the clients, keep things as simple as possible and see projects through to completion. They pride themselves on adapting to the clients’ models and processes while pragmatically seeking to improve clients’ architectures and processes where necessary. It also helps in closing more deals and lead generation.

A brief review of features of Overloop

1. Contact linking

The robust algorithm of this platform finds missing email addresses and automatically enriches your contact information. You can now use a simple Chrome extension to create contacts from anywhere on the web. It also allows you to create contacts directly from any LinkedIn profile or Research. Works with Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Basic. This is how you could start more conversations.

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2. Organization

Works with Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Basic. Your business is unique, so they let you customize with custom fields. Organize your contacts in lists, but also use their dynamic smart segments. Get crazy results with campaigns that combine LinkedIn activities, email tracking, manual actions and more.

3. Email tracking

Connect your email accounts (Google or Microsoft) and send personalized emails widely. Connect your LinkedIn accounts and automate profile visits, connection requests and even direct messages. Use templates and {{ variables }} to send highly customized messages to your contacts. Send your email as a reply to your previous emails. The track opens, clicks, visits, bounces, reactions and even absences or auto-replies.

4. Visual Interface

Drag and drop your offers into visual and fully customizable sales channels. You can now generate more revenue and spend less time on repetitive tasks by creating efficient workflows with a simple visual interface.

5. Decide tasks

Tasks are effective in getting things done. Create different tasks according to your needs: action, call, email, etc. Use the mailbox to manage all outgoing chats in one place. Assign conversations to someone else on your team, add notes and share the entire contact journey with your team. You must also decide the content that will go into the software

6. Integration

Integrate Overloop with tools you already use. With our integrations, you can focus on work, not processes. Which campaign gives the best results? Analyze each stage of the campaign to understand and improve performance. Track email opens, clicks, replies, bounces, and bounces. Track responses to a LinkedIn message and check if your contact has accepted your invitation request. Clearly understand your bounce rate and take immediate action to improve delivery. Plan your income accurately and make good decisions at the right time. It lets you track your sales team’s activities to improve performance and productivity.

7. CRM systems

They have developed several internal integrations that you can use directly with your Overloop account. You do not need to use a third-party service to connect to these tools. Connect it to the most important CRM systems on the market, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho or Pipedrive.

You can also directly use its Calendly integration to book appointments with your contacts, or our Slack integration for real-time notifications. It is directly connected to most of the major email providers such as Google (GMail and GSuite), Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 or even your own SMTP/IMAP server.

Pricing System of the company

Overloop Free CRM is free and Advanced is $79 per month for monthly and $69 per month for yearly plans.

Connect your email account, start sending cold emails, track responses, and sync your entire inbox. Users who sign up for an additional Overloop subscription can use the email search engine 250 times per month (“credit”).

You can also purchase additional monthly credits starting at $39 per month for an other 250 credits and up to $299 per month for an additional 10,000 credits.

What is the difference between free and advanced versions of this product?

Both versions give you unlimited contacts, organizations, offers, lists, smart segments and workflows. You need the advanced version for more customization. Reports and insights are also not included in the free package. When you pay, you get one max tube for free and unlimited. For advanced email tools, only the premium package offers automation, email tracking and page-visit tracking, among others.

Both free and paid plans offer chat and email customer support (so far they don’t offer a phone number for their customer support).

Other essential aspects of this technology

  • They usually use the word “conversations”. Its their trademark way of addressing marketing. That’s because it’s not your old-school advertising game, but a form of inbound marketing that’s more modern and personal, like a conversation.
  • You can easily define the exit sales period. In addition, it has web form functions with more than 1000 predefined fields. And what would chat be without the live chat that Overloop also offers? First, it’s a great simple visual dashboard to keep track of all your sales. It has a kanban board feature, which means you move offers between stages from left to right until the end. Steps are customizable and you can set up real-time notifications when trade status changes. When creating offers, you can add notes, documents or specific tasks. This helps you solve organizational issues.
  • Pipeline management also shows statistics on deal profitability and deal rot, which is when a deal doesn’t progress for a moment, prompting action or moving forward. We briefly described this above, but it is worth explaining it again.
  • Workflow automation is a great way to reduce repetitive tasks that simply kill time for your salespeople. Overloop makes it easy to set up rule-based workflows where you can select events that trigger new events. For example, when someone fills a form online, it sends them a thank you email. Workflows also have a time delay, so you can set how long an event will run before the next event starts.It is great for updating tasks, offers and information.
  • When you and your team market and sell, you create data conflicts after your actions. Overloop’s analytics show pipeline performance metrics like your sales cycle progress, tipping points, win rate, and other trending data points. You’ll also see which sales rep is pushing it and who might need extra motivation with goals and objective scoreboard features. Revenue forecasting is essential to the analysis to get a good idea of ​​the trend, future sales statistics and growth numbers.


If you need a free CRM system to help you find new contacts, stay in touch with them throughout the sales process, and generally provide significant outreach and communication opportunities for your business, Overloop CRM is designed to help in the above-mentioned cases and is a great choice. Additionally, the premium Advanced can be worth the price, especially as your team grows, as the total cost per user becomes more affordable with each additional user.

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