You might be wondering what copywriting is? Copywriting is essentially a very crucial part of any form of marketing and advertising. A copywriter’s work includes writing ads that are memorable as well as funny. Copywriters work for several content marketing and advertising agencies and even for private businesses, organizations, and non-profit organizations. The main goal of the copywriter is to write a piece that is effective in catching the attention of the readers and make them want to buy or know more about the product or service. Copywriting is very similar to call-to-action, but the only difference is that this is on a larger scale.


To be a copywriter, you don’t need any specific skill set. Anyone with a passion for writing and someone who is able to enjoy the writing process will definitely shine in the field of copywriting. In advertising agencies, the copywriters need to gear up their creative skills so that they can bring out cheerful and creative slogans and captions for ad campaigns. Some examples of the famous catch phrases for popular brands like Nike’s “Just Do It” and Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” were probably created by some copywriter. The role of a copywriter is extremely important because the reputation and brand of the company depends solely on the fact whether the catchphrase will become popular or not. 


What Is YouTube Copywriting About?


Since we all know what a copywriter does and how their daily working style is, we no doubt know that the position of a copywriter is not glamorous. But there is no question in the truth that they are a vital part in maintaining the brand or the company’s reputation. Copywriting is not just limited to the field of marketing and business alone. It is prevalent and is very common in the context of social media too! You might wonder how copywriting is even necessary for social media. I will explain it to you now. So let us take for instance, you have a YouTube channel and you have put all your efforts to finish a video that will reflect and reach your audience’s thoughts. 


You have even taken the extra mile of editing the captions, bringing a perfect script and now that your video is completed, you are going to publish it. Do you think without properly giving an apt title for your YouTube video, description and tags, there is a chance for the video to reach your target audience? Well no, there is little to no chance for the audience to see your video. When you use your copywriting skills and bring it to the best use of crafting an interesting title for the YouTube video, chances are multifold that users will click on your video. Another way copywriting is used in YouTube videos is in the description box. The contents of your description box are important because they link and connect to your other marketing campaigns. If you want people to click on the links to your marketing campaigns, then the description box’s details will help you in convincing the audience. 

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Traits YouTube Copywriters Have In Common


We have done quite a lot of research about the basics of YouTube copywriting, and we have now analyzed a few traits that are commonly employed by the successful YouTubers. Here are the top traits that the YouTube copywriters have in common.


  • The video’s title – There is a word limit for the YouTube’s title. You can only use 100 characters to grab the attention of the viewers. To be precise, you only have 70 words that will appear in the search bar to convince the viewers to watch your video. With the chances of people stumbling on your video so low, you should not waste time keeping boring titles like the “Dog catches the ball” for your video. And this is where YouTube copywriters grandly display their skills. The titles that many successful YouTubers have in their videos are creative, and inventive. These copywriters know what they should write exactly to get the viewer’s attention and ace their job perfectly. Though the titles are interesting, one important thing to be noted is that all the titles should never be misleading. When people find that the title is a clickbait to your video, they will lose trust in your channel. YouTube copywriters are cautious in keeping a real and intriguing title. 
  • To the point description – YouTube allows video creators to make avail of the 5,000 characters word limit for the description. And in most cases, the viewers want to know what your video is about. So many people prefer to read the description box before watching your video as it is quite a convenient way to learn what the video is about. Although people want to learn what the video is about, they wouldn’t want to read a novel and get bored with the description you provided. The copywriters find the ideal keywords that will help the channel gain more attention on both YouTube and Google. These copywriters find the ideal keywords for the video description and write rich content. 
  • They know their audience – The copywriters of popular YouTube channels know what exactly they need to convey to the audience they are targeting. Before they proceed to write the content for the channel, be it the script or the content of the description box, they are aware of how the audience will react to the content they are putting out. Say for example, the copywriter knows what content would suit and draw the viewer’s mind and attention. They are very well aware that the script for a 50 year-old will not get the same reviews from a 12 year-old. The ability to distinguish between the needs and interests of the target audience and providing pertinent information makes them successful.
  • They don’t spoil anything – One brilliant thing about YouTube copywriters is that they know the ways that would bring out your undivided attention onto the content. But at the same time they also know not to spoil content and keep the viewers hooked till the end. These copywriters have a knack of not giving away all the information but also they convey the readers what the content is and appeal to their interests in a creative way. There are some basic copywriting formulas a copywriter must follow to create rich and engaging content!
  • They provide links – The description section in the video can be a host for all the links you want to provide. The copywriters make use of this opportunity and drive the viewers to finish actions like 
  1. Visiting the eCommerce site that you are in partnership with
  2. Signing up for any newsletter
  3. Links to previous YouTube videos
  4. Follow the YouTuber’s social media handles
  5. Attach hyperlinks to other landing pages so they could learn something

All these skills are commonly shared by successful YouTube copywriters and anyone who wants to venture into YouTube copywriting can incorporate these skills too!


Tools You Can Use For Copywriting


There are a lot of artificial intelligence tools out there that can be used for content writing and copywriting. We have an honourable mention that needs to be specified in this article, and that is the Writecream SEO. Writecream is popularly used for content creation and it houses a number of features that makes writing very easy. The tools help the content creators in brainstorming a perfect title for the YouTube video. Another important feature of this AI is that it even helps you in writing scripts for YouTube videos, giving voice-overs for YouTube videos. Also it personalizes content to what your audience want. Isn’t that a perfect way to start YouTube copywriting by yourself? You can rely on Writecream SEO anytime for your demands to be met.




As we saw in this article, a YouTube video may just look like a five or ten minute video. But behind that video is a lot of effort that goes into copywriting, taking and editing the video. One can never deny the importance a copywriter holds in any field and therefore, you can try to follow these copywriting strategies to bring the best out of you.

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