When starting an online business, you need to create an “About Us” page that encourages people to shop with your business. But if you don’t know what to write on the page, you might waste time creating draft after draft without getting anywhere. An About Us website template will always come in handy. 

How is an About Us page useful?

An “About Us” page is an introductory page on a website that tells readers all about you. Includes detailed instructions covering all aspects of the business and you as an entrepreneur. This includes something about the products and services you offer, who you are as a company, your mission and vision, your goals, and perhaps your future goals. The About Us page is a wonderful opportunity to tell a compelling story about your business. 

The About Us page is the most important element on your website but is often overlooked. Compared to landing pages, overview pages help communicate a lot;

  • The history of the brand and why it was created
  • Causes or customers your business serves. 
  • The business model or how products are sourced. 

As an integral part of your website, the About Us page can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors in a way that you can actively build your brand. 

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Tips for writing a good “About us” page

You should ensure that the information you include on your About Us page accurately represents who you are as a brand.

Use the following steps to create stories for your business. 

  • Setting the stage: Describe the industry issue that inspired you to take action. 
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Learn how to deal with problems and the challenges you face.
  • Present a solution: Mention how your company is achieving its goals or any pain points you would like to address. 
  • Share the big picture: Share details of your future goals or state your goals and mission. 

You should also include the following elements on your About Us page to let customers know why your brand exists. 

1. Talk about your history

Take your website visitors on a journey of memories and get a glimpse into the story behind your business. Here you can show when, where, and how you started and what your company achieved along the way. This is your chance to share relevant milestones and achievements for your business in an engaging way. 

You can also present your viewers with a history in the form of a timeline. This allows you to display large amounts of information visually appealingly. Your client or potential client may want to know how you have grown over the years.

2. Create a profile for your team members

Be sure to add an emotional element to your About Us page by adding details about the people who drive your passion for your business. People find it easy to connect with people, so let your Crew personality shine through on your About Us page. 

3. Add media and infographics

A well-structured infographic helps visitors remember you and your business better than a bunch of words. So if you think it works as a better strategy for your brand and business, Skip the long descriptions or include well-designed graphics to help your visitors understand your concept. Or add a cool video about the creation of your business or your story, you might want to let it speak for itself. 

4. Elements in an About Us page

The best About Us pages talk about accomplishing their goals by telling a story about your brand. Every story needs a hero, and every About Us page needs a hero too. In some cases, this is you or your founding team. You can also treat your company as its own character with its own story. In any case, all stories are about change. Change begins in one place and ends in another. This is what the visitor should do when scrolling the page. You can use the steps below to create a company profile page description. 

  • Set the Scene: Introduce characters and settings to recreate the current state or ‘situation’ of you, your target audience, or your industry. 
  • Present the problem: Describe the problem that prompted you (the main character) to take action.
  • Challenge: Describe how you tried to find a solution (i.e., started your business) and what hurdles you had to overcome along the way. 
  • Find solutions: Share details about how your company is pursuing its goals and the milestones it has achieved. Imagine what happens next. Paint a picture of your company’s future or state its mission and goals.
  • Imagine what happens next: Paint a picture of your company’s future or state its mission and goals. 

Other Important points to consider

For some companies, their business model can be a unique value proposition and a selling point worth including on your About Us page. 

Some examples of this are: 

  • How to cut out intermediaries and pass the savings on to your customers. 
  • Where the materials for a product are sourced (e.g. by manufacturing in a particular country or providing employment to a particular community). 
  • Breakdown of earnings donated to charity. 

If transparency can strengthen your brand, then a company profile page is a good time to summarize how your supply chain and business work and connect it to the mission that drives you. 

This is often accomplished with illustrations that present the business model in an easy-to-understand manner. 

1. Testimonials and awards

Reviews, media references, or user-generated content can be included on your About Us page to share your impact on your customers and industry. Various ways to integrate social proof into your About Us page, from embedding an Instagram gallery of customer content, to displaying the logo of publications that feature you, to highlighting quotes taken from customer reviews. There is media mentions, awards, and other wins are common examples of milestones that help tell the core story.

2. Your financials and other sales numbers

Numbers add credibility, especially when they indicate the problem you’re trying to solve or your progress as a company (e.g. number of items sold or years in business). View and include statistics that can be used to articulate your company’s mission or quantify your impact as a company on your About Us page. 

Whether you’re describing a rising industry issue at the beginning of your story or highlighting a milestone at the climax of your story, incorporating relevant numbers into your story can help convey your message more effectively. 

3. Introducing your team

A brand presence helps to humanize the brand, communicate the company culture, and shine a spotlight on the people who move the business forward. Even if you only highlight the founders, your company page is an opportunity to build your personal brand and share how your stories and experiences fit you and your company into your market. 

Refer to this link for an About us website template

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