Since Google debuted its own chatbot, “Bard AI,” at the beginning of this month, you must have been eager to use this new AI. Although inaccessible to the general public, Bard AI is considered ChatGPT’s competitor in the battle of AI chatbots. It has raised questions like “Is Google Bard AI Free?” What functions does Bard AI offer? There is no such thing as a free lunch and more.

In a blog post, Google said Bard’s early access period began on March 21. The chatbot Google Bard has been announced, and Google has been working hard on its artificial intelligence language model.

Due to the fact that Bard AI has not yet been made accessible to the public and is still in the testing phase, it is hard to clarify whether or not this chatbot will be free. Google has a history of providing free service access to its products, such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Google Bard: Free or Paid?

Bard AI is currently being tested, so it is not yet accessible to the general public. As a result, the new Bard AI is only accessible to selected beta testers. By starting a Google app on their device, selecting a chatbot icon, and typing their prompt, beta testers can access Bard AI. Testers can access Bard AI by tapping “Enter.”

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Nevertheless, if you weren’t chosen to be a member of the Beta tester group, you’ll have to wait until Google makes Bard AI available to everyone. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, stated that “Bard AI will be made available to the public in coming weeks” during the Bard AI debut.

Google did, however, post a sample of Bard AI responding to queries on its official Twitter account. But, because of a factual error made by Bard AI, this shared demo GIF ended up being disastrous for Google.

The JWST captured the first image of a planet outside of our solar system, not the “big telescopes of the European Southern Observatory,” as stated by Bard AI. As a result, the viewers started to question the search engine’s reliability. Additionally, Google’s parent company’s market value decreased by $100 billion.

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