Digital Ads are the future of every advertisement campaign. This is why businesses are spending big money on platforms like Google Ads to advertise their products/brands. Yet, there are still many businesses battling to rank higher or attract more customers. Now, there can be a number of reasons behind that, but the most prominent reason is not having a compelling Google Ads Copy. By compelling, I mean it needs to be more lucrative and well-designed. The notion that the attractiveness of ad copies have nothing to do with the efficacy of ad campaigns is what fails our marketing campaigns. 

Let me point out why having a great ad copy is crucial to the success of your Google Ads campaign:

  • Firstly, your Quality Score is at stake if your Google Ad copy doesn’t adhere to the standards. Quality Score is a parameter used by Google Ads to determine the relevancy of your ads to the users searching for your keywords in comparison to your competitors. Having a lousy ad copy will decrease your quality score, which in turn not only decreases your rank but, at the same time, affects how much you pay for each click. 


  • Secondly, having a good Ad copy generates more clicks for your ads which leads to a higher quality score too. Just including keywords in your ad copy is not the solution to lower clicks. You need to ensure that your Google Ad copy has catchy phrases that immediately trigger the viewer’s curiosity. 


  • Lastly, there’s an obvious reason that is Good Brand Image. Having a drab and unappealing ad copy will hamper your brand’s image. A poorly written ad copy will obviously fail to attract much audience, but those actually drawn to your brand will also develop a negative opinion about your business. 


So, how can you write a Good Ad copy? Do you need to undertake special courses? Or should you practice creative writing? Well, that’s going to cost you a lot of time. I have got a better alternative. It’s an AI-Powered tool that automatically generates a Google Ad copy for your brand/product in a fraction of seconds. It is WRITECREAM’S GOOGLE AD COPY TOOL.

Now, you must be excited to learn how to use it. Let me walk you through the steps.

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First, open Writecream’s official website and sign up for a free account. Once you are finished signing up, you will land on the main dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will see several tools available.  Scroll down and choose the Google Ad Copy tool. 



Select the Google Ad Copy Tool and start creating your digital ad!


Suppose I want to create an ad copy for WhatsApp, so I used Writecream for generating it. Here’s the output that I received:

Headline 1: Send messages wherever you are.
Headline 2: Share what’s going on with anyone, anywhere.
Headline 3: What’s app lets you chat with friends and family without having to pay a cent.
Description 1: It’s super easy to chat with friends and family.
Description 2: You can share what’s going on with anyone, anywhere.
Description 3: It’s super easy to chat


Wasn’t it great? And you know what’s the best part? This ad copy is not the only one that the tool generated. There were a bunch of other ad copies, too, that was generated by the tool. I found this best, so I used it as a specimen. 

Thereafter, you will be asked to fill in your brand/product name. You will also have to write a brief description of it. After filling in all the details, click on ‘Generate’. 

In a matter of seconds, you will get a large number of outputs to choose from! Writecream is highly collaborative and user-friendly. Do try it out!



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