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Will Google Bard remain free?

Since Google debuted its own chatbot, "Bard AI," at the beginning of this month, you must have been eager to use this new AI. Although inaccessible to the general public, Bard AI is considered ChatGPT's competitor in the battle of AI chatbots. It has raised questions [...]

What’s the future of ChatGPT?

What is ChatGPT? The large-scale neural network-based language model ChatGPT (Conversational Generative Pre-training Transformer) was created by OpenAI. It may be perfectly alright for jobs like language translation, question answering, text completion, etc. It is pre-trained on a vast quantity of text data. A variant of [...]

Can ChatGPT Correct Grammar

Open AI developed ChatGPT, an auto-generating technology for AI chatbots to provide online customer support. It employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and has been taught to generate conversational responses. Textbooks, webpages, and articles are the raw material it utilizes to develop its language for interacting with [...]

How to use ChatGPT in business?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that can help with customer service, conversation, and information gathering. It generates responses tailored to the user's input using natural language processing and GPT-3 technology. ChatGPT can handle a wide range of queries and provide real-time responses, making it an invaluable tool [...]

Chinchilla AI Review 2023

Any AI-powered technology is intended to mimic how people make decisions and make decisions. People usually refer to AI as an 'artificial mind,' enabling the AI to solve problems entirely independently when given one. AI is accurate with whatever task it is given, making people's work [...]

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