LinkedIn is one of the leading platforms that allows you to make potential connections and build networks with people in order to boost engagement. This kind of networking can help you boost your own business and also generate leads through essential contacts.  

LinkedIn Mail is the extension of the platform that allows you to mail this potential connection to, send requests, pitch ideas, build a rapport with clients or professionals, or build a network that will stick with you for long.  

Once you make a LinkedIn account a basic plan with regular membership is created. This is not paid for and there is a limited number of InMail credits given to users. InMail credits are options given to users to connect with potential collaborators, investors, outreach influencers, or industry experts who are not your direct connections. There are only a few free credits given to users to claim these InMail credits after which they need to pay to claim a premium plan.  


The process 

To purchase InMail credits: 

  1. Go to the premium subscription settings on your LinkedIn profile 
  1. Click “Buy More” under “InMail Messages” 
  1. Select the amount you would like to purchase from the drop-down box.  


How to send InMails 

  1. Visit the ‘Profile’ section of the connection you want to build a network with 
  1. Check if you are in common groups with them and if you have mutual members 
  1. Choose the members you want to connect with 
  1. Choose the option to send a message to them, this won’t affect your InMail credits.  


LinkedIn’s credit system allows you to claim credits if you have a good response rate. It even takes into consideration auto-replies if your prospect is away for a while. However, reclaiming the credits is not possible as no response does not mean auto-renewal of the credits spent. The perk that result-oriented users can use to their advantage is that you are rewarded with unlimited messages if you receive a 100% response rate. This acts as an incentive to them. To achieve this full success rate, users must also craft the message sent out to potential prospects the right way.  

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Here is some point to keep in mind while reaching out to networks.  

  • Keep the subject engaging: It is important to note that the subject line is the first thing that catches the attention of potential networks. Keeping it engaging to grasp their attention of them works in your favor.  
  • Keep the message concise and clear: talking about the pitch, avoiding beating around the bush, and keeping the message short and sweet will show the potential network you are focused on and clear about your goals. 
  • Mention mutuals: if there are common prospects between you and the network or mutuals worth mentioning to get a leg up, make sure to mention them. It shows that you have common link building trust foundations. 
  • Personalize it: instead of sending an automated and non-personal text, personalizing the message does not make the potential network feel valued as an individual. There is no such thing as being too informal or personalized. Make sure to be hospitable and engage personally with the connections.  


This article equips you to use LinkedIn Mails to its highest potential. It is a great premise to lay the foundation to create potential networks. This makes sure your business or service or idea gains traction or investment, boosting its place and the space for it. Making the best use of it brings invaluable opportunities.  


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