review cover image can be referred to as a high level lead generation and CRM tool. It is ideally suited for a wide range of enterprises as it helps with decreasing the responsibility and expanding productivity. is the best CRM for smoothed out contact management and powerful cold management. With customized automated effort and more than 2000 combination choices, it will save your outreach group’s time and increase revenue. is a marketing and sales outreach automation platform that includes tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. It includes a set of tools designed to make your workflow more efficient. It incorporates a bunch of instruments intended to make your work process more effective. You can secure a lot of your time consistently via computerizing your email promoting process. With this product, you can automate lead generation, email verification, and even email campaign sending with triggered Email Drip Campaigns. For marketing teams, this product is the best outreach automation and CRM software. is an excellent choice if your company prefers to communicate via email rather than social media. You get a free trial and a variety of premium plan options as well with

Who should use

Any company that uuses cold emailing will benefit GREATLY from, and the reason I say that with confidence is because it is a feather-weight platform that does EXACTLY what it is meant for… emailing.
Now, that isn’t to say it’s the software from the gurus of marketing, but rather it is a fantastic tool for anyone who wishes to save a some money and still get every other thing they need to send emails to prospects.
Here are the following industries and business types that will benefit greatly from using
Website design agencies
SEO agencies
Social Media Marketing agencies
Lead generation companies
Insurance agents
Any other B2B industry
You could probably utilize to just about any industry, but these are the ones that will most obviously reap the benefits of this platform.

List of features of proudly presents itself as a lead generation and sales acceleration solution. To accomplish this, their platform is equipped with many unique features – some you may recognize from other products, but others are completely original. We will discuss the product’s functionality in the context of its key functional categories, so that our readers can get a better idea of what we mean when we say that it is a “provider of lead generation and sales acceleration” tool.

Email discovery and validation

A whole bunch of features help in locating email correspondences. One cool tool that can be used for free on is the email search box which comes with a list of available email addresses for one and all to use freely. It doesn’t mean that these correspondences belong to decision makers, but it does provide users with a starting place from where they can eventually move on and venture further if sought after.

Snovio has more advanced tools that allow users to get more specific information. For example, if a salesperson wanted to find the names and email addresses of key decision makers at a business they are negotiating with, they could search Snovio by company to receive the most relevant data. Similarly, if it was critical for your sales team to follow up on every person who has seen certain blog posts that you have published, they could use Boolean search in Snovio to make sure everyone is being followed up with effectively.

Finally, Snovio sources email addresses. This tool lets you check many email accounts at once or selectively choose which ones to analyze. You’ll be able to quickly determine if the account is valid and applicable to your business (free email services like Yahoo or Hotmail, for example).

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

Chrome extensions

Besides the in-app email features, our Snovio review needs to discuss some of the browser extensions that are built by the company and work along with it.

Email finder: Searches for leads everywhere on the Web, while you surf over the internet.
LinkedIn prospect finder: Search into LinkedIn for leads and emails available, checking company official pages, Sales Navigator profiles lists, and search outputs.
Unlimited email tracker: Leverages the power of Snovio to aid victory for Gmail users.
Gblast email merge: Mail mergers and mass mailings for Gmail, made simple.
Email verifier: A chrome extension variant of Snovio’s strong email checker software.
Technology checker: Focused towards tech companies, this plugin tells you what featured tools and codes are used on a target website page.
Email tracker

If you’re a Gmail user, you’ll be happy to hear that the Snovio extension lets you know when someone opens your email. Once this is discovered with a push notification, the tool will create an automated email reports summary on your screen with important information regarding that email such as any previous sent emails or further research contacts based on those previously opened by the recruiter. Finally, the extension makes it effortless to schedule and send out certain emails at specific times so that you don’t have to send them in response to urgent requests.

Drip campaigns

With, you can create customized email marketing campaigns that are sent out in an automated manner one after the other. Not only will each email address different needs and pain points, but also you won’t have to concern yourself with sending out individualized emails because our solution will automatically do it for you making you free to focus on other more important matters like tending to your business.

Another feature we’d like to discuss with you is the feature of the ‘Drip Campaign’ internet marketing solution – it being a collaborative one. Being that this is something which will assist you by providing your team in working together, you can easily monitor everyone’s progress and monitor certain metrics as well, thanks to collaboration features incorporated into this software. And because of how easy it is for all of your team members to access something as simple as a drag-and-drop email builder and an A/B testing tool being offered in drip campaigns, we’re sure that you’ll have no trouble at all when it comes down to making use of this particular advertising strategy!

Your campaigns won’t work the same for every person so it’s important to have ways of surveying customer needs and customizing your messages based on what they are responding to. You can monitor their actions, such as which links they’ve visited or where they’ve exited and get them in touch with you based on what you know is going to be most effective. This way you don’t have to worry about writer’s block because you can just customize pre-written emails that send out automatically when the time seems right.


Snovio saves marketers time by providing the statistics that tell you when and to whom an email campaign was opened. It also provides customer behavior information, so you can fine-tune your approach over the time.


Another benefit of using Snovio is that they provide an API. This not only allows users to integrate their software with the Snovio account but also helps other applications make use of data from the platform.

CRM functionality

Finally, offers a basic CRM that is also available free of charge. This helps you track your customers’ preferences and gives you the opportunity to link it with your calendar software so as to schedule various types of calls, appointments or even business meetings, depending on their needs. Also, the CRM tracks job changes and updates by your leads, thereby reducing the number of unverified contacts in your database, since it verifies the data during this process.


With, you have accessoabilty to a huge range of integrations. These include several types of applications which will integrate directly with your system and allow for direct data transfer between systems and people. For example, the software helps contact leads so that you can automatically add appropriate information like e-mail addresses or phone numbers to those contacts and other important customer details at any time thereby making it easier to track where sales come from as well as who referred them to your company!
CRMs: Hubspot, Salesforce, and Asana.
Lead generation: Facebook, LinkedIn, Phantombuster, DuxSoup.
Collaboration: Slack, Trello, Google apps.
Content personalization: NiftyImages, Hippo Video.
Customer retention: Twilio, Intercom, Calendly, Zoom.

Languages supported by

English, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified)


Snovio is all about helping you find any information you are trying to uncover. That’s why their pricing model allows customers to search and verify emails as much or as little as they like with the credits they have spent on any given month. Customers can also choose to share their monthly credits with other team members in case they need help finding and verifying information regarding a client-related matter, for example. All Snovio customers receive the same services, no matter how many credits they have once they sign up and begin using the website.

Credit pack sizes:

Small: 1,000 credit points, 5,000 recipients. $33/month.
Medium: 5,000 credit points, 10,000 recipients. $83/month.
Large: 20,000 credit points, 30,000 recipients. $158/ month.
Extra Large: 50,000 credit points, 50,000 recipients. $308/month.
Extra-Extra Large: 100,000 credit points, 100,000 recipients. $615/month.

Benefits of is the most advanced and elastic email marketing platform in the market. automates countless number of tasks to help you increase your sales volume while reducing your workload.
A full set of tool functions for all forms of lead generations: emails, PDFs, and much more.
With the Smart Set feature, you can choose how to send out lead gen emails based on the type of lead — i.e., vendor, owner or staffer — and when you want to send them out, including weekends!
Automated and customizable auto responders along with settings for opens, clicks, bounces & many more features.
Quickly and easily send out emails on major events or strategic change in your business to your customers.
Customize your email marketing campaigns to suit your business requirements.
Send out customized branded content to lead buyers, sales, and prospects.
Convert the leads into paying customers with custom personalized offers.
Assure that you are not wasting much time and money with automated email tactics that fail to engage customers and cause customer churn.
Send automated emails through or manually – it’s completely your choice!
Customize your own email templates, add links to your other websites, social profiles, etc..

A few additional benefits are as follows:

No more manual search: The Email Finder extension is a search-based advertising solution equipped with active auditing and enhanced tracking features that help collect, enrich, segment, and make available your potential customers’ email id’s.
Bulk options: Upload your contacts or domain search list to the platform and let our system do the rest. We offer various data export options (XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT).
An all-in-one platform: According to a study by the American Psychological Association, “even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time.” This means that every time you need to change platforms to search for email addresses, track emails, create campaigns, and analyze results, your productivity decreases. The reason behind this reduced efficiency is because when you switch from one task to another or platform–it takes time for your mind to adjust to a new way of thinking about things. By using JangoMail’s Schedule Email feature, you can avoid the costs associated with constantly switching between your platforms!
Automation: You can save hours of time each day by automating your lead generation process, email verification process, and email sending processes, among others.
Email campaigns with activated filters: You can send emails to multiple prospects with filters of your choice.
Price: With a comprehensive platform and affordable subscription, is an effective solution that your marketing and sales departments can use daily.

Pros and Cons of


Has multiple email search functions
Collects leads email id’s from any website or professional social profile page.
Keeps your email list hygienic with email verifier tool
Sends out triggered sequences along with email drip campaigns feature
Provides email tracker for Gmail by Google
Has a technology checker feature
Comes with a free of cost plan that opens access to all major tools
Automates email outreach process and follow-ups
Is more cheaper than other competitors in the market
Has strong knowledge base


Doesn’t find emails over Facebook
Has limits in terms of credits, export, and integrations on the free plan

Reviews for

Reviews For

G2 review

On G2, everyone is going wild over with regards to Snovio. The normal score is 4.5/5, drawn from 164 surveys. Positive surveys promote the usability, exactness of messages found, and reasonableness.

Rokkam L

On G2 says that
“The #1 go to tool for every marketer”

What do you like best?

As a domainer and digital marketer, I find the platform is so easy to find the emails of my leads by using their chrome extension. By using their platform I have found my leads and flipped my domains and the best part is they has an email tracker too and it gives you the notification when the email has been opened and it gives you a report on a daily basis for free. It’s an awesome tool. Just go and check it out.
Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

I dislike. When I opened my email the pop-up notification will come up automatically and to close that thing I have to search where is the exit button. the UI of this pop-up notification irritates me a lot as I am working on sending an email to my leads.
Review collected by and hosted on
What problems you are actually solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Especially to find out the leads for my domains and for my other fellow domainers too. I have realized the potential of this tool one year back. Before that I have been using Hunter tool which business email is required to sign up and use it. For you don’t need to have a business email , you just need an email that’s it and boom. If you use this email perfectly and your sales will automatically going to be increased.

Capterra review

Capterra ranks as 4.6 out of 5.

Dan Y.
On Capterra says that


I was lucky enough to have worked with the [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] for my trial and during the entire time I was in touch with extremely knowledgeable and helpful support personnel who were able to answer every single of my questions promptly, but never annoyed. Regardless of whether I asked them about the onboarding process or whether I had a super-specific question about how certain features might interact with each other, they made sure to help me out as quickly as possible. My personal experience of working with this particular software has been great so far, it’s very easy to use and I appreciate its clean layout and beautiful design. This is definitely a product worth looking into! Otherwise it carries a relatively good price tag – especially considering the level of quality that Under Armour is known for producing – so make some sacrifices if it means you can get your hands on this product because it’s totally worth it in the long run!

Pros: is definitely a game changer! I was able to replace multiple tools with this easy-to-use and intuitive software. The results were more manageable, which meant that I could save time and resources by not having to use various different platforms. I have been able to save time and use fewer resources by switching to because of the ease of use, beautiful design and simple interface. Because of these reasons, it is easier for me to find new prospects and at the same time keep track of them in one database – which is vital! allows me to be more efficient than ever before!


Pricing is only one thing that comes to mind. It’s rather expensive, especially for my level of business and all I can say is that it definitely pays off in the long term- guaranteed! Starter packages would be ideal, perhaps catering to those just getting started or coming back. In other words, it should be available for purchase at the right price. Who wants second best?
Main competitors
No marketing app is without challengers, and Snovio is no exception. Here are some alternatives that have most similar features.


A decent, yet comprehensive lead generating tool that also functions as a Customer Relationship Manager. It is geared for small-sized businesses.

Zendesk Sell:

Much better known as Zendesk has lead generating and email marketing features in a Customer Relationship Manager. Notably, it works good with other email marketing softwares.
Ricochet 360: More of an automated marketing focused platform. This includes automatic dialing feature and other call-based functions in addition to email marketing.


Generally speaking, Snovio is an incredible tool for B2B businesses that need to do email advertising. With great LinkedIn scraping that works even on free records, there’s a ton to cherish about the details Snovio can recover. In a time where messages can be difficult to come by and are indispensably significant, any edge makes a difference.

As an additional besides, Snovio has a straightforward CRM. Assuming that your business has never utilized a CRM, this merits looking at. All things considered, it’s incorporated with your membership. In any case, the CRM doesn’t have an enormous number of mixes and has fewer elements than most. Utilizing Zapier will be an unquestionable requirement for some Snovio clients.
We know, we know. We’ve said it before but sometimes the best tools for your business are ones that don’t come with a hefty price tag. When it comes to discovering contact information and emailing people, there are many inexpensive options available such as Snovio.  As a tool that’s focused on helping small businesses and startups run successful online email campaigns, it’s hard to argue against checking out this option (especially when you take into consideration it’s simple pricing plan). Tool: Snovio



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