Creative writing has now expanded far beyond simply writing articles about popular science and adding annotations to websites, and has become involved in nearly all of the froths that an organisation or industry requires to expand their reach. A short glimpse into automatic, pre-written emails has sparked creative minds to create customization ideas in marketing, social media material, articles, and, on top of that, ideas for generating it all artificially. A field like this, which is in charge of digital communication, has relied heavily on the availability of professional creators and writers.

However, this reliance has frequently led to early-stage companies and service providers with inadequate and incompetent promotion of their products, owing to their difficulty to attract such creative enthusiasts. Nonetheless, products such as Writecream and Scalenut have developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) type pervasive solutions to this issue, enabling content production, marketing, outreach, and copywriting regardless of man-power constraints.

Let’s get to know more about these tools!



Scalenut is a platform that helps you improve your content game with the help of its AI powered tool. It provides you with professional creators, AI tools, and a simple and scalable way to produce content that serves your business goals. With its AI tools and professional creators, it becomes easy to race past your competition and build your brand. Scalenut has been a game-changer in the content marketing field be it website content, social media posts or SEO assistant. It helps to produce a variety of content for its users and the results are always amazing. It also makes it easy to turn around content quickly.

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

Scalenut Features:

1. SEO-focused Content Planner

It provides full-featured content reports — powered by industry-leading NLP (Natural Language Processing) — based on a single targeted keyword, ensuring that you get the optimum SEO formula each time. Begin with a single term and receive extensive reports chock-full of actionable information. SEO Assistant uses its knowledge of important terms, h-tags, readability, intent, and other factors to help you plan content that will rank.

2. Idea Generator

Al Copywriter is a smart tool based on the GPT-3 platform, which is an autoregressive language model that has been trained to create material that is human-like. Its ‘AI Copywriter’ provides you with new and limitless content ideas and this is an enormous advantage, which extends to full blogs, email headers, ad copy, social media postings, and a variety of other content formats.

3. Long-form Content Generator

Scalenut’s Al Copywriter model has been trained on millions of blog pieces, social media posts, reddit posts, and Quora inquiries. In a couple of seconds, its sophisticated AI technology generates long-form content. It can be used to increase authority, improve SEO, and close more business.

4. Content Evaluator

In SEO Assistant, you can get real-time feedback on the quality of your content. It informs you how many NLP terms you’ve used (and how many you haven’t), as well as the readability score and word count.

5. Opportunity to Avail Content Professionals

Professional Creators with experience writing in your sector are available at Scalenut. If you require assistance, a Scalenut Expert is available.

Behind the scenes, they pair you with seasoned industry professionals who subsequently produce outstanding content for you. Furthermore, before the content reaches you, their in-house editors perform thorough checks.


Writecream is an AI-powered tool used by writers and content marketers for all their writing problems like generating personalized introductions and messages for Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, generating Blog ideas, Website Copy, Social Media content and much more.

This tool has the ability to increase your productivity manifold by generating tons of content within seconds. Writecream is a recent launch and is doing amazingly well in the digital market. It has gained popularity within a very short period of time because of its unique features, accessibility and affordability.  You can also rely on Writecream for all your personalization needs such as email marketing, LinkedIn personalization, generating ice-breakers, and much more.

Writecream Features:

1. Video & Audio

Writecream masters its excellence in not only text processing but audio and videos too, and provides content for podcasts, voice notes, video scripts, social media post captions, social media product reviews, Quora answer assistance, and other platforms. 

2. Articles & Blogs

Its multitudinality, even in text creation, encompasses Long-Form Editors (A.I Article Writer), Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines, Blog Heading Expanders, Blog Conclusions, and Compelling Bullet Points can all be created using Writecream. It has made long-form content writing – of hours and days – into a few minutes’ job and takes less than 30 minutes to write a 1,000-word article.

3. Personalized icebreakers

Personalization is applied to cold emails, LinkedIn connection requests, InMails, and backlink outreach. When you provide them with prospect credentials, its AI analyses them and generates engaging content that guarantees astute responses. Writecream, like Scalenut, uses GPT-3 to generate plagiarism-free output.

4. Advertisements 

It has brought creating advertisements a click button away. One can create Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads in real time by pressing a button and entering the name of the firm and what it does.

Writecream can deliver the following SEO and copywriting services: Feature to Benefit, Before-After-Bridge, Value Proposition, Website Title & Sub-Headline, SEO Meta Descriptions. You can upload a CSV file and the A.I will generate personalized icebreakers for all the rows.

5. Diverse set of Use Cases:

Writecream offers at least 30+ use cases to its users which help clients generate content for cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, backlink campaigns, social media content, digital ad copies, articles and blogs and audio and video scripts, etc.

6. Personalized features:

Writecream offers a number of personalized features like Emails, image icebreakers, product reviewers, etc. These features are being used extensively by clients to boost their sales tremendously!

7. Language Selection:

Language is not a barrier for Writecream. Clients can create content in 75+ languages with the help of Writecream and choose from over the diverse set of languages for text, image and audio outputs.

8. 30+ Tones:

Writecream offers 30+ writing tones to its clients ranging from a casual to an assertive tone required for professional dealings.

9. Money-back Guarantee:

Writecream offers its users a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of subscribing to any of the plans. A refund request can be sent on their live support channel or on ema

10. Image Icebreaker Tool

Writecream has this amazing tool called image icebreakers. These are personalized images made through AI and are used for cold outreach. This tool is gaining popularity among business owners and marketers. It is widely being used by customers to generate premium images with quality content. This feature is not present in Scalenut as of now. You can generate personalized texts but not images.

For using these tools, you just need to enter the website URL, for example, in this case. Then, click on the generate button and your results will be displayed.

Here are the results!












11. Voice-over Tool:

Writecream has another exclusive feature for its clients, “Voiceover Tool“. It helps in converting text to speech with the help of AI. You can choose any language from the 75+ available. You can also choose a gender for voice. There’s another option to choose speed and optimization for your voice-over.

Here’s an example (the voiceover for the video below was generated using Writecream):


A few seconds and a premium quality text-to-speech output is ready. Scalenut doesn’t have a similar tool.

User Interface


The UI and UX of Scalenut are well-designed, sleek, clean, modern, and simple to use. The research reports are rather appealing to look at. It excels in most areas. In addition to the crowd’s favourite: in the long form editor, you can use AI connectors, AI operators, and Templates to write with AI. Writing gets a lot easier when everything is in one location.

The home page is also accompanied with a clear navigation to the “Blogs & Guides” section under ‘Resources’ that includes clear instructions about using the software and the descriptions of each of their functionalities for users’ understanding.


While we’re on the subject of user interfaces, Writecream’s website categorically incorporates and precisely explains the core services provided by their AI and their usage in individual domains such as outreach, copywriting, blog/article writing, social media, image and audio processing, and so on to ensure a unique marketing and advertising of their product. Their innovative and outward-facing approach of displaying a large number of qualitative and positive client reviews instantly instils a sense of trust and efficiency in users to this website, compelling them to become returning and recurring consumers of Writecream’s services.

Even their customer-side dashboard is compartmentalized for each of their broad domains, keeping in mind the complexity of the types and sub-types of their features: Create Copy, Emails, Social Media, Copywriting, Upgrade, and Feedback, making it extremely easy for users to move through and check out each tool without any information overload.

As intricate as the software can be for new users, the brand also offers video tutorials on YouTube for each and every function and tool of the software to help educate and familiarize those consumers.


Customer Support

Both of these softwares have proved their proficiency and profoundness when it comes to the application of their AIs and their outputs. Albeit, when these softwares are to act as constructive constituents for marketing agencies and startups, mere success of their tools is seldom the only factor of impact. Customer service and 24×7 support is what ensures smooth communication between the brand and its consumers, especially about the difficulties in operating the product and their critical concerns that are to be rectified instantly or be incorporated in software’s future updates.

Scalenut provides customer service and allows customers to reach their staff in a variety of ways. You can contact a customer service representative via the 24×7 live support chat. They also enable you to schedule a call with their sales team for an expert analysis. Another unique feature they have introduced is the request for new features from users that they would like in their AI tools.

On its website, Writecream offers 24×7 contact service and live chat support, as well as an area where customers can submit feature requests for upcoming software upgrades and provide feedback on their experience. This subtly implies their interest in the users’ perspectives on their business needs, which might simultaneously widen the software’s uses.

Furthermore, in response to feature requests, Writecream’s website has gone above and beyond to clearly articulate and convey a roadmap of their numerous and undeniably advancing features, such as public API, sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing features, and many more, in consideration and under development, to keep customers in the loop about what to expect from the company in the near future.

Output Quality Comparison

Scalenut (Product Description Tool)

We did an exchange thing here. We generated a product description on Scalenut for Writecream and vice versa!

Output 1:

Writecream is an AI-powered tool used by writers and content marketers for all their writing problems like generating personalized introductions and messages for Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, genera

Output 2:

Writecream is the world’s first AI-based tool to help you write better content that stands out and gets attention from your audience. No matter what field you’re in, having great content that converts is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. So, grab your writecream today!

Writecream (Product Description Tool)


Output 1:

Scalenut is a platform that helps you create and publish content that serves your business goals. We give you access to professional creators and AI tools that help you create content faster and without any hassle.

Output 2:

Scalenut is a platform for creating content that helps your business achieve its goals. With our AI tools, you can create content that is professional, engaging, and scalable. With our team of creators, we help you race past your competition with professional content.

Output 3:

Scalenut is a simple and scalable way to produce content that helps you reach your business goals. Get professional creators and AI tools that help you race past your competition. Scalenut lets you produce content in minutes that will help you get noticed, grow your audience and connect with your audience.

Scalenut (Blog Introduction)

We did an exchange thing here. We generated a blog Intro on Scalenut for Writecream and vice versa!


Writecream (Blog Introduction)


Output Verdict:

We can clearly see that Writecream generated more number of outputs and that too of a much superior quality than Scalenut.


Pricing Plans offered by Scalenut

Scalenut has several pricing tiers:

  • Free Plan:
    1. $0/month for 2 SEO documents
    2. 2000 Short form AI words
    3. 2000 Long form AI words
  • Individual Plan:
    1. $24/month for 5 SEO documents
    2. Unlimited Short form AI words
    3. 20,000 Long form AI words
  • Growth Plan:
    1. $65/month for 30 SEO documents
    2. Unlimited Short form AI words
    3. 100,000 Long form AI words
  •  Pro Plan:
    1. $124/month for Unlimited SEO documents
    2. Unlimited Short form AI words
    3. Unlimited Long form AI words

Pricing Plans offered by Writecream

The pricing plans of Writecream, however, are as varied as their features’ categories, and there are four proposed plans on their website:

  1. Free Plan:
    1. $0/month for 20 Credits
    2. 40,000-character limit
  2. Standard Plan:
    1. $49/moth for 200 credits
    2. 400,000-character limit
  3. Extended Plan:
    1. $69/month for 750 credits
    2. 1,500,000-word character limit
  4. Custom Plan:
    1. Custom credits/month according to user’s requirements
    2. Custom Plans are meant for users whose requirements are not met by the aforementioned plans.

Reviews Comparison (Average Rating on G2, Capterra and SaaSworthy)

Scalenut Reviews

Scalenut has been lauded for churning out original and plagiarism-free content in a matter of minutes along with a comprehensive report related to keyword ranking. Their templates make it so much easier to write compelling copy faster. The users of Scalenut are thoroughly satisfied with their AI-powered tools. They have received an overall rating of 4.7+.

1. Trustpilot:


2. G2:



3. Capterra


Writecream Reviews

Writecream has received tremendous customer satisfaction in terms of personalized content and the multidimensionality of the tools they provide for marketing and advertising, and this at a multilingual level with 75 different languages and consistency of performance across all of them. The quality of the AI’s output, particularly their customised Linkedin outreach and copywriting toolset, is highly recognized and greatly appreciated in the form of ratings from startups and marketing firms — an overall rating of 4.8/5 rating from its users worldwide.

Here are the average ratings of Writecream on some popular websites.

1. Trustpilot

2. G2

3. Capterra

4. AppSumo


Both the tools are very popular among users and have received amazing reviews on different websites. This clearly indicates the utility and efficiency of these AI-powered platforms.

However, almost all the appraisals are in favour of Writecream. The users particularly like the Cold Outreach and other personalization tools. They say that it helps them to stand out from the crowd. 

The quality and the time-saving quality of the Writecream tool have been highly praised by the users. The only thing that we can consider as the downside according to the reviews is the credit system but the users are satisfied with the main function. Some users also criticize the font color or style, but that is more of a personal choice, it does not affect the main function of the tool. The personalization tools and cold outreach text generator pass with flying colors according to the reviews.  Writecream is a very unique tool offering some newfound technologies using Machine Learning and AI, its reviews are proof that it will soon become the new ruler in the professional world.

Tutorials for Reference:

Both Scalenut and Writecream have provided tutorials so that the users can get acquainted with the features and use cases. This helps users to save time that would have spent exploring the tools themselves!

1. Tutorials on Scalenut:

Scalenut has guides in its ‘Resources’ section which explains the usage of various use cases.  Visit Scalenut’s website and find the ‘Resources’ Section on the top. Check the table of contents and you can find the guides and videos on how to use a particular tool. 

2. Tutorials on Writecream:

To find the tutorials, visit the website and find the ‘Tutorials’ Section on the top rightmost corner. It directly takes you to the YouTube channel where the tutorials are published. Apart from tutorials, Writecream also has a blog section that shares blog articles regarding specific tools!

The Customer Support provided by Writecream is available 24×7 and it is very impressive. You can use ChatBot on their website and report any grievances or any problems you are facing. Writecream customer support usually takes a few minutes to get back to you with a solution.

Some tutorials for its flagship features like Cold Emails, Backlink outreach, and LinkedIn Inmails are also present on the homepage.


Future Outlook:

Roadmap for Scalenut:

Scalenut is working to introduce more features and tools to ease the numerous writing problems! Some of the features recently completed and planned for future are:

Roadmap for Writecream:

Writecream is working diligently to improve its platform and solve the diverse problems of its users. It also has a section where users can put feature requests and share their feedback on existing features. The image above shows some of the features that are planned or lined up to be launched soon and some are under consideration. There’s not an iota of doubt that Writecream is soon going to dominate the content marketing world!

Which is best for you?

Both the tools have their pros and cons.  But the one which proves to give more utility and increase your productivity and therefore sales is the one you should go for!

Writecream is a ‘one of a kind’ tool for content marketing. It is easy to use, and the AI makes it possible to generate content on demand. The AI is constantly learning and becoming more sophisticated with each piece of content it writes, making it a powerful tool for marketers who are always looking for ways to improve their content. The pricing is great for all budgets and there’s no credit card required. The writing is of high quality and plagiarism-free.

This tool has proved to be a lifesaver for marketers who are always on the go and need to write blog posts, articles, and content for other channels. The AI technology takes care of the repetitive tasks of writing and making sure the content is consistent, while the writer focuses on what the content should be about.

It tops in the domains of personalization and generation of ice-breakers, podcasts, voiceovers, SEO, creating ad copies for various inbound marketing campaigns, etc. Even the Long-Form editor that Writecream offers to generate blog articles produces better output as compared to the one featured by Scalenut.

The best thing about Writecream is that even being a new player in the market it is offering some unique features like personalized image icebreakers, audio icebreakers and the voice-over tool! These features are not available even with the old players and that’s what makes Writecream superior to its competitors!

Scalenut also has some amazing features but the cost effectiveness and output quality are what gives Writecream an edge over Scalenut! WriteCream is focused on personalized content and an fulfilling personalized experience!


In this case, we saw the range and breadth of both products’ offerings. Scalenut offers some great capabilities as well, but Writecream’s impeccable interface and user experience give it the edge. Writecream is all about generating one-of-a-kind content and offering an exceptional personalized experience. While the GPT-3 model of both products maintains its consistency of high-quality output, Writecream appears to be exploring deeper issues of sales and marketing for businesses and putting their solutions into their program in a more advanced approach. Writecream’s flexible pricing plan, particularly the free one, their voluminous roadmap of future updates and features, overtly responsive customer support, and the software’s overall heterogeneity have all contributed to the product’s increased popularity in a business or industry oriented environment.

So try it for yourself and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!



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