Introduction to starting a podcast 

Starting a podcast has been a go-to hobby for many people today. To start a podcast that impacts your audience, it is important to ascertain its cost. It is important to estimate the required materials and equipment costs to record high-quality podcasts to get started. 

An overview of what you need to start a podcast is 

  • A computer 
  • A microphone 
  • Software to edit your recorded podcast 
  • Headphones 
  • Original banners and posters for your brand and podcast 
  • Hosting  

Analyzing these costs to create a cost card will help estimate the required capital to launch an impactful podcast successfully.  


Why the list of equipment is necessary?

1. A computer 

A computer is the most basic requirement to start a podcast. Buying a computer can range somewhere between hundred to thousand dollars. Borrowing a computer to edit the audio for your podcast or using a computer at a public library or a browsing cafe can also be a viable solution. Bootstrappers can choose to buy a second-hand computer.  

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2. A microphone 

A microphone is the second most basic requirement to start a podcast. It is the primary means for an instrumental podcast. Computers have built-in microphones, or you can opt for a phone’s inbuilt microphone as well. However, these device audio qualities are not up to the mark. Investing in a good quality microphone will provide a great return on investment.  

The Samsung microphone ranges at about 40$, and you can buy higher quality microphones if your budget expands to a higher range.  


3. Editing software 

Once you record the audio for your podcast, editing and refining it is an important step before publishing. It is important to aval the right software that provides services to edit your podcast. Some of the free editing software available are: 

  • Audacity: An app that allows you to trim split and tweak audios to export them in high quality to publish 
  • Garageband: Garageband is another free editing software pre-installed on Mac that lets you do the same 

You can also avail paid editing software that will increase the range of tools and services inbuilt to enhance the quality and process of editing and output. There is a huge purchase range of this software, starting at as low as 10$ going to as high as 900$ per purchase.  

Before purchasing anything, make sure to go through rating reviews and customer testimonials. Going to websites where people recommend services to other people based on their own experiences is also a great way to start purchasing the right software for your podcast.  


4. Headphones  

Headphones make sure your audio is crystal clear without any disturbances. Refined and enriched quality keeps your listeners coming back as it keeps them engaged.  

Headphones range from 50$ to about 800$, depending on the budget, company, size, and type of headphones you’re willing to buy.  

  • Original design 

You need original artwork to distribute as your banners, posters, headers, and icons when you start a podcast. You can outsource the creation of the same to freelancers by paying them and using freelance websites like Fiverr or creating your unique artwork to launch your podcast. It shows an individualistic personality to your podcast. Depending on the size and design you want, the prices will differ.  


5. Hosting 

It would help if you had a place and theme to host your podcast. A hosting platform needs to sustain your podcast. Investing in it will make sure listeners are being directed to your podcast. Investing in the right design and equipment is not enough. You must also sustain and fuel your podcast on the right hosting platform that is most rewarding.  

Creating a cost card for the required equipment 

These are the estimated costs for setting up a podcast, costing the required minimum essentials mentioned above.  

  • Microphone: 10$-30$ 
  • Computer: 300$-900$ 
  • Recording and Editing Software: Free or paid 
  • Headphones: 25$ 
  • Podcast Hosting: Free 

The total cost card totals to about 335$ lower limit to 945$.  


Branding and essentials for each requirement 

To start a podcast, the microphone and headphones are the primary requirements. Here are some known brands to invest in for the same.  

1. Microphone 

The Amazon Basics microphone is the trusted and best value essential. It is about 99$ and is a USB-C type studio-quality microphone.  

2. Headphones 

Good quality headphones are essential to listen to our voice feedback while creating a podcast. You can use Lower-end Sony headphones for the same.  

3. Editing software 

The best value editing software available that is free is Audacity or Garageband. If you are looking for added features and better-paid perks, you can use Reaper for 60$.  

4. Hosting 

You can upload the edited audio to free websites like Podbean or iTunes to host podcasts.  

You can also use a record mixer, build a podcast, level audio for an improved sound, and multi-sound recording. 


Cost comparison for High end and Low end podcasting  

The Essentials 

1. Computer:

Low: $300
High: $1,000

2. Recording and Editing Software:

Low: Free
High: $200


3. Microphone:

Low: $50
High: $500


4. Headphones

Low: $40
High: $500


The Extras: 

1. Pop Filter/Wind Screen:  

Low: $15
High: $55  

2. Audio Interface:

Low: $80
High: $300  


3. Mixer:

Low: $100
High: $200

4. Headphone Amplifier:

Low: $25
High: $300  

5. Microphone Boom Arm/Mic Stand:

Low: $15
High: $90

6. Shock Mount:

Low: $40
High: $60  

7. Cables:

Low: $50
High: $100  

8. Acoustic Treatment:

Low: $20
High: $50  

9. Computer Monitor:

Low: $70
High: $330 


Contingent Prices 

Total costs for the essentials on the low end are about 300$ and on the upper limit is about 2,000$. For the extras, the range is from 700-4,000$.  

Paying for freelancers for the art design and start-up costs could cost about 300-600$ to start a fine quality podcast. For a professional and high-quality podcast, the cost card could go up to 5000$.  



If you keep all the above tips in mind and invest in the essentials and extras (if required), launching a podcast will cost you the outlined prices. Invest in the base prices first build the foundation for a strong podcast and then invest in higher quality, more expensive requirements to build a great podcast!   


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